Who To Follow Sunday, Sep 4 2011 

When keeping up to date in the world of tea, perhaps try following these sites/people:

Topix news – Tea

This is a handy little site which basically compiles news and information about tea from various media publications (if you enter in what sort of information and news you’re looking for). This is particularly handy, as it can be difficult to find a tea-only publication that solely and independently produces news on tea, whereas this publication just compiles everythingwritten about tea recently and puts it all in the one spot.

Tea and Sympathy

Mentioned this in my previous post, but I enjoy some interesting little tidbits from this blog, whether it’s excited about a celebrity who has gushed how much they love tea, or any events that their shop might be holding in New York. Unfortunately, I don’t live in New York, but if you do and you love tea – have a look at this site! They also have a Twitter account.

A Girl With Tea – Blog

This blog is the product of a young woman going through her own ‘tea journey’ – she is exploring the changing culture of tea, and how drinking tea can affect other areas of life, and explaining why tea is back in vogue (because didn’t you hear?Coffee is sooooo…. last season) She also describes her experience with tea and meditation on a day-to-day basis, thereby taking the reader on the journey as well. A fairly easy site to get around, and I’m glad to see she isn’t just preaching hearsay about tea and meditation, and is instead being honest and critical when she needs to be. Like a good online presence, she also has a Twitter.


My time in the Twittersphere Monday, May 16 2011 

obtained via flickr.com

I’ll be honest – when I first set up a Twitter account nearly a year ago now, I didn’t like it. It just didn’t grab me. I only knew a small number of people who had a Twitter account, and following a selection of politicians, comedians and celebrities was not as exciting as I’d hoped it to be.

It wasn’t until earlier this year, in my Advanced Broadcast Journalism unit, that I discovered the major drawcards of the social media site.

The main idea I needed to get out of my head was that TWITTER IS NOT FACEBOOK. I needed to realise that Facebook is for sharing and connecting with the people I already know personally, whilst Twitter is for sharing and connecting with the people outside of my peer group, such as journalists, politicians, academics and even some celebrities (who, by the way, are not as interesting in tweet form as one might think). (more…)

Being a Twit Tuesday, May 10 2011 

Now I’ve written about my experiences with Twitter before, but now it’s time to get into a little analysis of the more confident and professional twitterers (what I hope to become…someday…)

Annabel Crabb

From ABC Online - abc.net.au

Bit of an obvious start, but she does social media well. Her smart, humorous commentary on Australian politics is always interesting to see pop up on my Twitter feed, often with a link to an article of hers on ABC The Drum.

Whether she has another personal Twitter account, I don’t know, but what she does publish on Twitter is always professional, without seeming like a news generating robot – always adding a bit of her wit and humour, like she usually does with her articles. I am undecided on whether I should set up a separate account (when I’m more of a fully fledged journalist perhaps…). (more…)

Social media, and my love/hate relationship with it Monday, Mar 7 2011 

As part of my journalism course, I need to have a Twitter, Facebook and WordPress account (hence why I am here). Which is great really – I know what’s going on with my friends, with world events from the marvellous to the mundane (Justin Bieber’s haircut, for example…) through Twitter’s power of the immediate spread of information, and then I get to comment on it all, right here on WordPress.

I wish there was some way of sending a witty statement to my colleague over there without having to open my mouth - is what this person is thinking, I bet.

Lately, I’ve been hearing so much praise for social media – it’s immediate! It’s more interactive with audiences! It’s a great research tool! It’s a great employment-seeking tool! And trust me, I’m on the social media bandwagon too –  I’ve tweeted this to the world (all 47 followers). (more…)