After some internet searching, I have discovered that there aren’t actually that many blogs out there that focus on the tea culture. One of them that I did find – The Warmth of Tea – is a fairly simple blog connected to the Warmth of Tea website, and contains plenty of information for tea drinkers – about the culture of tea throughout the years, tea party etiquette, and the differences between the many different kinds of tea available.

I found the site/blog reasonably easy to get around, with the help of the navigation panel on the side, and I found it was reasonably easy to leave comments, which are monitored before they are posted on the site. However, the blog does not engage with its audience very much – any questions for the readers are sorely missed, as it is more of an informative blog, rather than a conversational one.

Another publication I found was a magazine (downloadable in PDF format too!) aptly named ‘Tea A Magazine’. This is quite similar to The Warmth of Tea website, in that it gives information about tea, and its cultural significance. But in terms of appealing to this surge of a younger female audience, I feel it is lacking – even looking at the front cover (a white teapot with  white and purple flowers inside, with a background of doilies) simply reinforces the stereotype of little old ladies getting out their best china, embroidered flowery tablecloths and doilies for a little gathering with their other little old lady friends. As a young female tea drinker enthusiast, it doesn’t exactly appeal to me. A magazine like Frankie would have exactly the kind of audience to encourage the new tea enthusiasts, I feel! But more on that later…