So, after all these blog posts nattering on about tea and tea news, is this (very) niche topic actually sustainable?

My honest answer is a resounding YES (but with some minor changes).

I’ve discovered that market of ‘tea culture’ reporting is not exactly saturated – in fact, I have often wondered why I chose one of the nichest of niche topics, but anyway. Of course, I discovered there were sites devoted to different teas available, celebrities who drink tea, the economic world of tea, but all of that stuff in the one place? Nope. That’s what I’m offering! All the tea news in the one place!

However, I’m picturing something with a little more than just tea talk. I’m thinking of more of a focus on tea, but within the cafe and food culture as a whole. For example, your general cafe review can have an underlying tea twist – what’s in it for the tea drinker? Recipes involving tea (tea-infused jam, anyone?), health benefits of tea, interviews with tea house owners, finding out how to run a successful tea shop. you would have various categories: tea in health, business, economics, relationships, lifestyle, travel. And hell, even celebrity gossip (just read my last post…). Some evergreen stories would also be good – tea has surrounded some major political changes in the past – the Boston Tea Party, for example. Perhaps some articles revisiting some pivotal points in political history, and how tea played a role in these would be interesting to readers.

Anyway, that sort of thing sounds like something I would read, so perhaps others might read it too.