Given that my area of interest IS rather niche, I found it difficult to find some stats and figures on the tea enthusiast population. But I have found some interesting analyses about online news and niche sites in general. Last week, The New York Times stated that online users are shifting to niche sites to get their fill of news, mainly because they are getting exactly what they are looking for.

    “as news surges on the Web, giant ocean liners like AOL and Yahoo are being outmaneuvered by the speedboats zipping around them, relatively small sites that have passionate audiences and sharply focused information.”

Nevertheless, it’s hard to ignore  the popularity of Facebook. How many of these niche sites employ the marketing effectiveness of Facebook and Twitter, I’m not sure. But the 2009-10 Communications Report from the Australian Communications and Media Authority shows that the use of Facebook is not slowing down.

“In terms of the individual sites identified, Facebook continues to dominate the social networking/UCG market in Australia and also overseas, in markets such as the UK and the US. Collectively, 121.3 million persons accessed Facebook in the US, UK and Australia during June 2010 (6.8 million in Australia).”