For this blog post, I’ve been having some trouble – I’ve been trying to find some critical analysis about what I’m going to refer to as the ‘Tea Movement’. The best I can find is market research on tea consumption, for example, this article discusses Sri Lanka’s tea exports and the market dynamics over the last few years. It explains that in 2008, the supply of tea far exceeded the demand for tea, causing tea manufacturers to prepare for an ‘impending doom’ by creating specific niche markets and private label tea.

This is reflected in the article from Lapis Teahouse, which comments on the surge of sales in private label and specialty teas. It comments that there is a change in consumer’s choice of teas, saying ‘Consumers are snubbing their nose to commodity tea; they desire high quality, tempting flavors brewed from the finest ingredients.’  This sort of information tells me that tea stores and stockists such as Canberra’s Adore Tea and New York’s Tea and Sympathy (see comments from previous post!) are certainly jumping on the bandwagon to provide this high quality tea which consumers now see as a bit of a luxury. Now the line is, ‘Tea is no longer a commoner’s drink! No more plain old black tea, try Creme Brulee Tea! Or Buddha’s Tears tea!’

Basically, tea has become a classy refreshment, and that’s the marketing strategy many of these tea stores are running with.