I’ve recently discovered most of the online content available to tea enthusiasts is mainly the blogs I have mentioned in previous posts (A Girl With Tea and Tea and Sympathy). For someone searching for information on tea, many of these kinds of blog posts (especially in the case of A Girl With Tea), are more of an ‘evergreen’ content – meaning it is more along the lines of a feature article that doesn’t rely on timeliness. Aside from the online element, teas and tea houses are often mentioned in food and lifestyle magazines, so think Delicious, Frankie and even Vogue, as more of a review (which is generally a little more reliant on timeliness). Hence, most of these publications are text-based, and are actually not online (this is the part where I say, “Hey! An opening for a niche area of interest! Hurray!”)

Tea? Or wine? Or both!

The reason I think this may be case is that these publications have built up a reputation of having the latest information on cafes, restaurants, nice foods and wines. (as a side note, do you think tea has become a ‘trendy’ beverage lately? Long gone is the question :”Do you have your tea black or white?” Now, it’s all “Would you like a black tea? White tea? Green tea? Flavoured black? Rooibos? Herbal tea? And may I suggest you try this tea without milk? It tends to mask the lovely flavours etc…” Yep, tea is the new wine. I digress…)

Yet there are very few publications that keep tabs on what is happening in the tea world, but do cafe enthusiasts want it? Find out in my next post! 🙂