How to make tea go viral? Just have Lady Gaga promote it!

This story is actually from a while ago, but in terms of my tea topic, this is one of the most widely published (tea) stories in the last couple of years.  Let’s take a look…

April 2009: Lady Gaga appears on the Jonathan Ross Show, sipping tea from a cup and saucer.

20th July, 2010: The media catches wind of a rumoured “bidding war” from well-known English tea companies to brand her as their ambassador. This article from ‘The Sun’ draws on the BBC interview from the previous year to justify the singer’s penchant for a cuppa as reasons for the so-called ‘bidding war’. There is also talk of creating a specialised Lady Gaga Tea.

20th July, 2010 (same day): Celebrity gossip sites also pick up the story – after all, there aren’t many celebrities more talked about than Lady Gaga. This story from Hollyscoop basically quoted the above ‘The Sun’ article, but instead refers to a tantrum over a lost teacup rather than the BBC interview.

21st July, 2010: The Sun article is quoted within celebrity gossip blog Celebitchy.

15th November, 2010: Small World News contemplates that Lady Gaga has ‘sparked an afternoon tea revival’, which is later quoted on 22nd November, 2010 by A Girl With Tea to discuss a ‘Modern Tea Culture’.

Lady Gaga’s enthusiasm for tea is a starting point for an exclusive interview with Mirror news on 17th May this year.

So we end with: Lady Gaga = Tea

Now, if you Google search ‘Lady Gaga tea’, there are literally hundreds of pages about it, and begs the question: is it really THAT newsworthy?? But whether you like it or not, celebrity is a huge drawcard for news audiences.

And it seems for tea enthusiasts too.