So! The other day, Kim, Sarah and I finished our multimedia slideshow about The Big Issue magazine, and the program that runs it in Canberra. You can read about our pitch here.

The final product didn’t differ too much from our pitch, the main difference was that we weren’t able to get an interview from the people who buy the magazine from the vendors (perhaps this was because it was a very cold day when we went out to interview vendors Eddie and Justin on the job – a lot of people want to buy the magazine and hurry back into the warmth).

It was a really enjoyable project to do – we went to their fortnightly barbecue/get together for the vendors, volunteers and organisers, that is held when a new issue comes out. We chatted to a number of the people there, though not all the vendors like going to these events. Unfortunately I had to leave to do an interview for another journalism assignment, so I couldn’t stay long, but Kim and Sarah had a lovely time chatting and taking photos.

We’re all quite pleased with the final product, and we had a lovely time making it.

Enjoy 🙂

The Big Issue – ACT from Ash Leal on Vimeo.