Now I’ve written about my experiences with Twitter before, but now it’s time to get into a little analysis of the more confident and professional twitterers (what I hope to become…someday…)

Annabel Crabb

From ABC Online -

Bit of an obvious start, but she does social media well. Her smart, humorous commentary on Australian politics is always interesting to see pop up on my Twitter feed, often with a link to an article of hers on ABC The Drum.

Whether she has another personal Twitter account, I don’t know, but what she does publish on Twitter is always professional, without seeming like a news generating robot – always adding a bit of her wit and humour, like she usually does with her articles. I am undecided on whether I should set up a separate account (when I’m more of a fully fledged journalist perhaps…). In my opinion, I think anything that can be publicly viewed should be suitable for a public audience, and this should be kept in mind when publishing a professional tweet, or a casual/personal tweet. Anything that you would feel comfortable being overheard in public is fine for tweeting and/or updating as your Facebook status.

I do have to point out though that Annabel Crabb was a highly regarded journalist BEFORE Twitter, so it made sense that her fans and followers then went on to follow her on Twitter too, whereas Latika Bourke (also of the ABC) was, I heard, poached from 2UE mainly because she was so proficient at Twitter.

via Twitter

Latika Bourke

If you ever need to know exactly what’s going on during Question Time in parliament, or even just what is going on in politics in general, look to this twitterer. How practised she is at live tweeting while the action is taking place (I still have Fat Fingers Syndrome (for iPhone) which makes my live tweeting not as live as I’d like it to be)! With around 29,000 tweets, and 13,000 followers, she is a frequent fixture in many a twit’s twitterfeed.

As far as I can tell, she seems to use her Twitter account for both personal and professional reasons, but like Annabel Crabb, the personal stuff isn’t TOO personal. Her tweets keep followers updated on what’s going on in Australian politics, for example, earlier today she tweeted “PM JG says her legal advice says the Parliament does not need to approve her deal with Malaysia to swap asylum seekers who arrive by boat.” as well as a sneak preview of tomorrow’s budget release: Oppn Leader TAbbott says tomorrow’s budget will be one with ‘a hole in its heart,’ because it won’t include the Govts planned Carbon Tax.

So, my message to you is: go forth and follow!