In class we had a look at the different multimedia slideshows, both in the lecture and in our tutorials. This was an interesting exercise, not only because our own slideshows will be due in a couple of weeks, but because, let’s face it, watching multimedia slideshows in class is a pretty awesome way to spend an hour.

A small group of us had a look at the Bluesfest slideshow. While I kind of liked the casual, in-the-crowd feeling of the audio, it was also a bit disappointing in other ways. For example, there were plenty of close-up photos of the artists themselves at the festival, but very few of the crowd. I guess what I was hoping for was to see the crowd’s response to the performances – whether they were enjoying it, how big the crowd was, or even how muddy they were.

My main criticism of the slideshow was that the photos didn’t exactly match up to the audio – the interviewer might be talking to crowd members about the various acts, but you didn’t see a photo of the people talking, and sometimes you didn’t even see a photo of the performance they were talking about!

We then had to find a slideshow on our own, though unfortunately I can’t post the one our group looked at – it was a series of 400 or so photos that a friend of Kim’s took, showing how they were doing their washing without a washing machine. It was very quirky and cute, using the music from ‘Amelie’, with quick transitions between each photo. Kim had seen it on her friend’s Facebook page, but unfortunately she hadn’t put it up on her blog, so alas, I cannot post it here. Would love to though – the whole class was impressed.

Here is an example of a slideshow – not the best, I’ll admit. Keeping with the music festival theme – this is a series of photos from Splendour in the Grass 2008, at the Tipi Forest.