So today we pitched our idea for our multimedia slideshow, which is due in 7 weeks or so. When I say ‘we’, I mean Kim, Sarah and I. Our topic is probably more along the lines of ‘soft news’, but basically – we want to try and make people cry. Or at least feel a little bit teary.

I should probably say what we’re planning on doing – we were thinking about the people who sell ‘The Big Issue’ magazine, and we wondered what led them to becoming a vendor, and how they ended up doing this. I remember helping another journalism friend who was doing a story on people with disabilities, and some legislation that was changing at the time (I think… I’m a little hazy on that – I was just the camera operator!). She interviewed a young woman with Cerebral Palsy, and I found she had some really good insights and stories. She received a portion of her income selling ‘The Big Issue’, and this gave me an idea for a story.

Our main focus of the slideshow is on the vendors, and their personal stories, and we’ll be illustrating this through some lovely close-up photos of the vendors selling the magazine, interacting with the people buying the magazine, and so forth, with the vendor’s voice coming through as the we slowly zoom into the photos (I hope I’m describing this ok…). We’ll be getting the vendor to say something like, “Hi my name is……. and I sell ‘The Big Issue’ at…. I began selling it……….” and so on. You get the point.

I also know that the Woden Community Centre (who organise the “Big Issue” vendors in Canberra) hold a monthly barbecue when a new issue comes out. What we’d love to get is some footage of the barbecue – all the vendors and organisers interacting with each other etc., and a nice group photo of everyone.

We’ll also be conducting some vox pops around the selling areas (around the Civic Centre for example), and asking customers why they buy the Big Issue, and what they like about it. I found out that we;re generally not allowed to show people’s faces if they’re walking around the entrance of the Canberra Centre, but we can blur these faces, and make sure our vox pops aren’t in front of the entrance or anything!

Canberra Centre

In terms of sound, we’re thinking natural sound (the bustle of people around the Canberra Centre), as well as some nice ballad-y music (to get the emotions going, of course)

Anyway, I’m looking forward to it! A few assignments to get out of the way first before I start to really concentrate on it, but I think it will be fun 🙂